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The Mobile Amphibious Assault Bridge(SYHK) is a bridge and transport system designed for armies to make river passes quickly and safely. The SYHK system, with its diesel engine, automatic transmission, pneumatic suspension and hydraulic braking system can climb up to 50% steep slopes and operate on 30% side slopes. The system has an 8x8 propulsion system and central tire inflation system. The SYHK has two water pump jets that provide 360 degrees of water movement and can operate at up to 2.5 m/s of flow rate. A single SYHK system can carry an AYS21 weight class tracked vehicle. Thanks to the hydraulic crane, it is possible to install 2 transport units that can carry AYS70 P weight class vehicles by positioning the 4 ramps carried in each vehicle. When three systems are connected from ramp to ramp, it can carry an AYS100 T weight class vehicle. In addition to forming the transport unit, 12 SYHK systems can come together to form a 150 meter bridge that can allow AYS100 T class vehicles to cross.