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The UMTAS is a long range anti-tank missile system that can be integrated into various platforms such as helicopters, UAVs, light armored vehicles, fixed ground platforms, close air support aircraft and naval platforms, and is effective against all armored systems. UMTAS is designed as an anti-tank missile system for the National ATAK Helicopter (T-129). Within the scope of this project, the objective is the nationalization of critical technology areas such as seeker technology, low-smoke/smokeless high energy solid fuel technologies, insensitive engine technologies, insensitive warhead technologies, insensitive igniter technologies, safety building unit technologies, inertial measurement unit technologies and tandem void shaped charge warhead technologies. Developed by ROKETSAN A.Ş., the system has day and night operational capability in all weather conditions. With a range of 8 km, UMTAS has been developed against armored targets for use either as air- to-surface or surface- to-surface with the options of infrared seeker head and laser seeker head. Having two utilization features named "fire-forget" and "fire-update," UMTAS, with the advantage provided by its target update capability, provides the opportunity to fire behind a cover, fire at targets hidden behind a cover, set precise hit points, and assess impact effectivity, and is effective against both stationary and moving targets.