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The Joint Strike Fighter F-35s can carry 4 pieces of SOM-J standoff(cruise) missiles in its body developed to allow pilots to hit targets at long range distances while maintaining critical invisibility during stealth flights. Especially designed to be used against intensely protected land and sea targets, the SOM-J missile has a 185-km range. Flying very low within this altitude and without being detected by a radar, the SOM-J, by monitoring ground shapes with its navigation system, can hit its target with a high strike rate. The SOM-J, with its high-resolution viewer and infra-red seeker head, provides sensitive targeting and allows for target change subsequent to the strike with the coordination of airborne warning control aircrafts. In the same way, changes in the target strike angle and approach altitude are possible during the flight. Developed to withstand electronic jamming measures, the SOM-J missile is one of the most important strike forces of the F-35 fighter aircraft that will be used by many allied countries also including Turkey as a project partner.