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The mechanism required for the defence R&D projects to be initiated in a dynamic structure is defined in Decree No. 2012/3738 of the Council of Ministers dated 7 October 2012. In this context, the proposals submitted to the R&D Panel are evaluated by the representatives of the Undersecretariat, representatives of the Turkish Armed Forces and personnel with expertise in various fields as members of this Panel. Work on projects approved by the Panel starts with contracts signed with the approval of the Undersecretary.

In identifying subjects presented to the R&D Panel, the R&D Project Road Map prepared and periodically updated by the R&D Department is utilized.

The R&D Projects Road Map is prepared as product focused in line with system needs in coordination with the relevant Project Department and in terms of dual use, export restrictions, criticality level, feasibility, THS etc. are prioritized by the R&D Department and kept up-to-date as a reference document.