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With this project, the design of a corvette type military ship has been realized nationally for the first time, and thereby, external dependence in ship design, shipbuilding and system integration has been reduced and through the integration of military shipbuilding with private sector ship design, shipbuilding means and capabilities, the private industry has been provided with the necessary know-how, experience and infrastructure. Over 65% of local industry participation was realized in our project and more than 50 domestic companies have been provided with business opportunities within the scope of the entire project.

Our source of pride, the first two ships, the TCG-HEYBELIADA and TCG-BÜYÜKADA are currently serving for the Naval Forces Command. The third ship, the TCG-BURGAZADA was launched on 18th June 2016, and the fourth ship, the TCG-KINALI was launched on 3rdJuly 2017 with test activities in progress.

There are ongoing works to procure the design and building by Istanbul Shipyard Command of the 5. ship, the first of 5-8.ships, that will be, unlike the first four corvette class ships, frigate class and the design and construction by private sector shipyards of the 6-8. ships.