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BEU Project aims to procure the most suitable air platform to train the pilot candidates in the combat squadrons of the Turkish Air Force. Currently, T-41 and SF 260 Aircraft are in Turkish Air Force inventory and they are used by student/graduate pilots for primary training.


After the tender process, upon the result of the evaluations, the Defence Industry Executive Committee selected the contractor for the Primary Trainer Aircraft (BEU) Program and has authorized SSM to launch contract negotiations with PAC in August 2016.


Contract negotiations are being finalized and the contract signature ceremony was held in IDEF 2017.


Within the context of this program, T-41 and SF 260 Aircrafts, which are used for primary training in Turkish Air Force inventory, will be replaced with 52 SMK Primary Trainer Aircraft.


SMK’s general characteristics are:


• A propeller driven single-engine aircraft

• Center-mounted (cyclic) stick

• Identifying Friend or Foe (IFF)-Transponder, Global Positioning System (GPS) and navigation easiness

• UHF/VHF radio system

• Basic aerobatic maneuvers can be performed

• Take-off and landing distances, stall and approach speeds are low, side-wind speeds are high

• The pilots have good all-round view


Procurement of SMK aircraft will provide the opportunity to make the flight training in a more efficient and effective way.


With this project, Turkey will be the first NATO country to operate SMK in its Airforce’s inventory. Considering the heritage of good relationships between two countries, this project will foster this relationship and take it to the further in the future.