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Weapon Carrier Vehicles (WCV) Project aimed to design, develop and produce tracked and wheeled vehicles equipped with Anti-Tank Remote Controlled Turret (ARCT) and co-axial 7.62mm. WCV contract was signed with FNSS in 2016, and in accordance with schedule, the design and development activities were completed in 2018.

Due to enhanced survivability, weight, dimensional design limits and amphibious requirements, tracked KAPLAN-WCV and wheeled PARS-WCV are designed for mission specific tasks.

Unlike general purpose 4x4 vehicles, PARS-WCV is designed as a full wheeled tank destroyer with mobility performance provided by the power pack located at the rear. PARS-WCV and KAPLAN-WCV have been subjected to performance tests on land, water and under different environmental conditions which took more than one year. The qualification period has been successfully completed.

The ARCT developed by FNSS was also qualified within the scope of the program. Serial production activities started and vehicle deliveries are underway. KAPLAN-WCV and PARS-WCV have superior survivability capability based on local armour system and have operational capability at the CBRN environments.