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With the ATAK Project, the objective is to produce and bring into service the Reconnaissance and Tactical Attack Helicopter required by the Land Forces Command.

Thereunder, Agusta Westland design A129 body with the upgraded engines, drive train and tail rotors in line with the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces and also equipped with national avionics and weapon systems makes the resulting T129 the most effective attack helicopter in its class in the world.

The T129 ATAK Helicopter is designed in two types for close air support and multi-purpose missions:

Designed for close air support missions, the T129A are equipped with up to 76 each 70 mm unguided missiles and a 20-mm gun with 500-round capacity.

The T129B helicopter, on the other hand, is equipped with the most modern electronic warfare equipment for multi-purpose missions and can be operated with8 UMTAS anti-tank guided missiles, 12 guided CIRIT rockets, 2 STINGERs and 500 rounds for the automatic gun.

Our ATAK Helicopters that are produced by TUSAŞ (TAI) within the framework of the Project implemented by our Undersecretariat were first delivered in 2014 and production and delivery activities are still in progress.

Our helicopters in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces effectively fulfill their expected tasks.