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CIRIT is a cost-effective solution system with high precision against light armored/unarmored fixed / mobile targets that can be integrated into various platforms such as helicopters, UAVs, land vehicles, stationary platforms, light attack aircrafts and naval platforms, and is designed to fill the gap between the low-cost and low-precision unguided missiles and the high-cost anti-tank missiles. Compared to the classic 2.75" laser-guided missiles, CIRIT, with a range of 8 km, maintains the title of the longest-range fuselage in its class thanks to its aerodynamic structure and composite solid-fuel engine. Two alternative warheads that are multi-purpose and have a high-explosive capacity can be fitted to the CIRIT missile that has the ability to destroy moving and light armored/unarmored targets. While the first alternative, defined as the multi-purpose warhead, has armor penetrating, incendiary and anti-personnel effects, the second alternate is defined as having a fragmentation effect only. Serial production of the CIRIT missile began in 2010 and is attracting great interest in foreign markets.