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Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. (STM) was established in 1991 with the decision of the SSIK to carry out system engineering, technical support, project management, technology transfer, logistic support services to the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and the SSM.

The SSM owns 34% of the shares of STM and aside from providing engineering services in areas such as project management, design activities, research and development activities in sea and air platforms continues its activities in areas of technology such as cyber security, command and control systems, mission systems, and simulation. In addition, with consultancy services provided, STM conducts certification, industrial coordination and feasibility studies.

With products and services that can compete in national and international markets based on advanced technology focused engineering and consulting solutions, the STM continues to carry out critical services for the Turkish Defence Industry.

Moving forward with its vision to become a competitive company that is sensitive to social values and the environment, providing quality and technology oriented services and products in our country, in our region and on a global scale, STM, with the aim of providing sustainable solutions and works on a global scale, is focused on the goals of Turkey and in meeting the needs of the public and private sectors.