103 UNMANNED SEA VEHICLES L EVENT is a high-speed, multi-purpose Unmanned Surface Vehicle to be used in various missions such as mine countermeasures, reconnaissance surveillance target acquisition, maritime security, patrol, target towing and logistics. Depending on mission requirements, the system can be man- operated also. Owing to its modular structure, LEVENT can be integrated with various platforms and payloads. R emote controlled unmanned underwater vehicle that is specially designed to improve the technical capabilities and infrastructures of research vessels in research activities to be carried out in seas. Product has maximum operation depth of 1,000 meters. System can capture underwater image, collect data with various sensors, underwater samples by means of robot arm and high maneuverability. Remote- Controlled Underwater Vehicle consists of Remote Controlled Underwater Vehicle, Control Panel, Cable Wrapping Unit, Underwater Cable Management System, Remote Controllable Marine Type Power Unit components. LEVENT UNMANNED SURFACE VEHICLE REMOTE-CONTROLLED UNDERWATER VEHICLE