116 ANCHOR WINDLASSES AND CAPSTANS ANTI-SUBMARINE SONAR TRANSDUCER ELEMENT ANTI-FOULING PAINT BREATHING AIR MONITORING SYSTEM D ATA designs and manufactures electric or hydraulic motor driven windlasses and capstans in horizontal and vertical versions. Size for windlass starts from Ø8 mm up to Ø42 mm stud-link chain and up to 12 tons pull. Capstans are rated up to 15 tons of pull. A ntifouling (AF) paints containing boron or copper-based biocide(s) to prevent the formation of a fouling layer on underwater parts of ships by micro- and macro-organisms in marine environments. Boron-containing AF Paints have Long-life, environmentally friendly antifouling paints formulated with special binders and fillers, including triphenylboron derivatives as biocides. Copper Acrylate-containing AF Paints has long lasting high quality antifouling paints which contain polymeric copper acrylate and copper oxide as biocide and conform to self-polishing mechanism. S ubmarine Sonar Transducer Element developed nationally and produced with domestic capabilities, for use in Patrol And Anti-submarine Warfare Ships. Transducer Element for Sonar Systems can be mounted on Underwater Hull. B reathing Air Monitoring System is designed to monitor the air in the enclosed inner spaces of the submarines in terms of various gas concentrations. It provides the warning and alarm conditions according to the relevant limit values. As a part of the system, the gas analysis subsystem samples the room air through the piping and analyzes the situation of the respecting location. Warning and alarm conditions are created and transferred to the relevant external systems in case of the situation at the gas levels. In addition to the gas analysis subsystem, the sensor subsystem provides in situ measurements of the locations. The entire system runs automatically in the defined loop under the PLC control without any intervention of the operators. Measurement results and situational awareness information can be presented to other systems to which the system is connected and to the relevant personnel through the display located on the system. NAVAL PLATFORMS SUBSYSTEMS