136 H ÜRKUŞ, tandem two-seat, low-wing, single- engine, turboprop aircraft, is designed to ensure superior performance as a new generation advanced trainer aircraft and light attack & armed reconnaissance combat aircraft, in order to fulfil the complete training gap between elementary training and fighter aircraft conversion, as well as satisfying close air support roles in most demanding operational theatres. Precise and Affordable All- In-One Multiple Mission Solution HÜRKUŞ-C, Light attack and armed reconnaissance combat variant, provides a cost effective flexible solution against asymmetric threats of the contemporary world’s warfare theatres. Retaining the advanced capabilities of HÜRKUS, up-to 7 external hard points on HÜRKUS-C provides its operators an extensive payload capacity up-to 1500 kg, which can be utilized to perform demanding missions, during day&night conditions in high altitudes and harsh geographies. HÜRKUŞ-C LIGHT ATTACK / ARMED RECONNAISSANCE COMBAT AIRCRAFT P urpose designed single engine, tandem-seat advanced Jet Trainer Aircraft HÜRJET, fulfills a critical role in modern combat Aircraft training through its superior performance characteristics. Combat Variant of HÜRJET provides a battlefield force multiplier through a wide range of mission capabilities and its extensive payload. HÜRJET - ADVANCED JET TRAINER AND LIGHT ATTACK AIRCRAFT FIXED-WING PLATFORMS