152 T urkey’s first Reconnaissance SAR Satellite development program GÖKTÜRK-3 was initiated in 2013. Being the Prime Contractor of Phase-1, Turkish Aerospace is responsible for design and development of SAR satellite and the ground station solutions based on its indigenous capabilities in space. GÖKTÜRK-3 T he objective of GÖKTÜRK-1 Program is to procure a satellite with an Electro Optical (EO) payload in order to provide high-resolution images from any location in the world for both military and civilian purposes such as forest control, illegal construction, crop management and casualty assessment after natural disasters. Within the program, Turkish Aerospace is performing direct participation to specific work packages and also manufacturing some flight components for the GÖKTÜRK-1 Satellite. It was launched in 2016. In accordance with the National Space Road Map, the next step is the replacement of EO satellites with the newest precise system solutions. With this perspective, Turkish Aerospace has been announced as the prime contractor for the New GÖKTÜRK Replacement Program by Defence Industry Executive Committee. GÖKTÜRK-1 / GÖKTÜRK REPLACEMENT G ÖKTÜRK-2 is designed by Turkish Aerospace-TÜBİTAK-Space. Through national capabilities, developing space&satellite systems’ technologies, observation and research activities were performed. GÖKTÜRK-2 is downloading images to Ankara Ground Station since December 2012. In addition to meet the Turkish Armed Forces high resolution image requirements, GÖKTÜRK-2 is being utilized for civilian activities such as control of forestland, tracking illegal construction, rapid assessment of damage after natural disasters, determination of agricultural boundaries and geographical data gathering. The project has also furnished national industry with the capability of developing own spacecraft in Turkey including; design, integration and environmental test infrastructure. GÖKTÜRK-2 AEROSPACE