154 D eveloped for management of satellite terminals’ channel requirement as well as network access and remote management of satellite terminals, ASELSAN Network Control Station provides satellite terminals’ connection to terrestrial networks. Featuring redundant operation of main and standby network control stations, the station also offers secure encryption, acceleration, and compression services. NETWORK CONTROL STATION 6 U-sized nano satellite platform, to be developed by STM will be the first application of the space- based Automatic Identification System (AIS) in Turkey. PIRISAT is the first national satellite of a future constellation which will provide AIS data in Turkey. In addition to the main AIS mission, the platform will also be used to gain space heritage for various experimental payloads which will be developed by national institutes and companies. PIRISAT nano satellite platform to be developed; will be a reliable, time and cost-effective commercial platform solution that can be used for acquiring the space qualification of the products that are already developed/under development in Turkey. NANO SATELLITE PLATFORM O n-Board Processing EHF (Extreme High Frequency) Transponder was developed to fulfil the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces for extremely high frequency and electronic warfare resistant communications. ON-BOARD PROCESSING EHF TRANSPONDER AEROSPACE