158 T urkish Technic, holding international maintenance certificates (EASA, FAA) is providing Integrated Logistics Support, Depot Level Maintenance, Operational Level Maintenance services through 8 Hangars. A400M INTEGRATED LOGISTICS SUPPORT T urkish Aerospace Aerostructures is a house of excellence in engineering and manufacturing of metallic and composite assembly structures, focused on its supreme technologies and processes to deliver world-class outputs from design-to- assembly of the most challenging aerostructures. Having DOA and POA approvals, Turkish Aerospace has built its worldwide success on the excellence of its products and solutions, participating in international aerospace programs such as JSF/F-35, A400M, A320 Family, A350 XWB, B737 Family and B787. Turkish Aerospace’s workshare in A400M includes design&manufacture of structural components as Forward-Centre Fuselage with Emergency Exit Door, Section17 Upper-Shell with Rear Hatch Door, Paratroper Doors, Tailcone, Ailerons&Spoilers. TAI has manufacturing responsibility of fuselage harnesses, first level design&procurement responsibility on lighting system and water&waste system. Turkish Aerospace also produces one of the most complex structural sections, “F-35A Centre Fuselage” as second source. Others are “F-35A/B/C Composite Components, F-35A Metallic Sub-Assemblies, F-35A Air Inlet Ducts, F-35 /B/C Air-to-Ground Alternate Mission Equipment Pylon Manufacturing”. AEROSTRUCTURES CAPABILITIES B İTES AGATA is a tool which is compatible with ARINC 661 standard and works on real-time operating systems (RTOS) on embedded system platforms. It is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) design tool that enables the interaction of the systems used in the manned military aircraft to the user and visually transmits the vehicle information to the user. AGATA A ir Data Control Unit generates air speed and barometric altitude for autopilot and instruments. It provides air speed and barometric altitude differences from set value. The resolution of barometric altitude is 1 feet and resolution of air speed is 0.1 knot. With power source 28 VDC and 150 mA nominal current, it has -40 / +70 °C temperature range, -3000 ft / 25.000 ft altitude range and 0-200 knot air speed range. It also offers software and hardware calibration. AIR DATA CONTROL UNIT AIR PLATFORMS SUBSYSTEMS BITES