184 MISSILES AND AMMUNITION The Turkish defence industry offers high-technology and cost-efficient solutions in compliance with NATO standards to armies in the world, notably the Turkish Air Force, in need of various types of missile and ammunition systems. The industry, which has peaked with the HİSAR air-defence and SOM cruise missiles, has a vast product portfolio including missiles, rockets, guidance kits and ammunition. In addition to main systems, the industry is also a solution partner for cartridges, projectiles, fuses and ballistic protection systems. The industry aims to eliminate the Turkish Armed Forces and Security Forces’ dependence on external sources completely. It not only actively takes part in the procurement of missile, rocket and ammunition procurement for the Turkish Armed Forces but also ally countries. The Turkish defence industry constantly improves its production infrastructure and experience in nationalising critical subsystems, developing modern ammunition technologies and producing advanced ballistic materials, while also making necessary investments before public and private sector representatives.