186 S uitable for all weather conditions, ATMACA Missile is super sea skimming, resistant to counter measures, has target update, retargeting and mission abort capability, advanced mission planning system (3D routing), and is effective against stationary and moving anti-surface warfare (ASuW) targets. ATMACA has Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation System/ Barometric Altimeter/Radar Altimeter capability and finds its target using its active radar seeker with high accuracy. With its 220+ km range, 88 kg TNT equivalent high explosive blast fragmentation warhead and datalink capability, ATMACA threatens its targets beyond the line of sight. The data link capability also enables ATMACA to have target update, re-attack and mission abort features. ATMACA MISSILES B OZOK provides effective defence without jeopardizing friendly elements in asymmetric warfare by giving attack capability to unmanned air vehicles. Due to the lightweight and compact design, it brings operational conformability in unmanned aerial vehicles for which weight is critical. BOZOK with its novel design stands out among rivals by the help of robust operational BOZOK (MINIATURE LASER GUIDED MUNITION) capabilities. BOZOK exploits inertial measurement unit for tactical inertial guidance for midcourse. During terminal course, precision guidance is achieved by the semi active laser seeker. At the end of the terminal phase, BOZOK presents large scale anti-personnel effect relying on proximity sensors and optimized target effectiveness.