18 T he Armoured Combat Vehicle (ACV) is the generic designation for a tracked, diesel engine powered, heavy armoured platform in the 13-15 ton class, capable of performing combined arms operations with main battle tanks. The platform design allows integration of different subsystems for executing a variety of different roles. The ACV-15 is a full tracked (5 road wheels), lightweight, low silhouette armoured vehicle capable of high- speed operations on desert conditions, poor infrastructure, roads and/or highways. Movement of the tracks propels and steers the vehicle on land. The hull is constructed of ballistic aluminium plate. Plate thickness varies on the different planes of the hull to meet ballistic requirements. FNSS produced more than 2,500 ACV-15s for the Turkish Land Forces and users worldwide. T he vehicle modernisation packages are aimed at improving survivability, situational awareness, firepower and mobility. For survivability, priority has been on the enhancement of mine and ballistic protection levels, mine resistant seats, protection lining applications, dual-stage automatic fire extinguishing and suppression systems, an NBC System, air conditioning for the crew and the RPG protection network. In order to increase situational awareness in accordance with today’s threats, close distance situational awareness system, acoustic gunshot range detection system and laser warning system applications are being evaluated. In terms of fire power, improvements are being made to the Remote-Control Gun System. In addition, important improvements are planned to improve vehicle mobility through alterations to the undercarriage and power pack. ACV-15 ACV-15 FIRE POWER AND SURVIVABILITY MODERNISATION TRACKED ARMOURED VEHICLES