201 L GK is a laser guidance kit which converts 500 lb MK-82 and 2.000 lb MK-84 dumb bombs into cost effective and highly reliable smart weapons. It provides increased accuracy, increased delivery range, reduced collateral damage and after release retargeting capability against both stationary and moving targets. LGK consists of a semi-active laser (SAL) seeker, guidance section, thermal battery, canard control system and rear wing. The weapon homes on reflected laser energy directed on the target: the seeker detects the reflected light of the designating laser, and actuates the canards to guide the bomb toward the designated point. LGK reduces the number of munitions required to destroy a target and features accuracy, reliability and cost-effectiveness, previously unattainable with conventional weapons. LASER GUIDANCE KIT - LGK L HGK-84 is GPS/INS and laser guidance kit that turns existing 2000 lb Mk-84 general purpose bombs and penetrator bombs into air to ground smart bombs against both stationary and moving targets. LHGK-84 GUIDANCE KITS and SPECIAL MUNITIONS