204 GUIDANCE KITS and SPECIAL MUNITIONS P recision Guidance Kit (HGK) is the state-of-the-art GPS/INS guidance kit that converts existing 2.000lb MK-84 and NEB bombs into smart weapons. Integrated GPS/INS support with hot start allows HGK to hit the targets with high accuracy in all weather conditions. “INS ONLY” mode provides HGK a unique capability. Extended Range HGK is capable of reaching ranges over 12 nautical miles when released from medium altitudes. A maximum range of 15 nautical miles is achieved upon releases from high altitudes. PRECISION GUIDANCE KIT - HGK P enetrator Bomb is produced by MKE Ammunition Factory through national means. The bomb has been taken into inventory by TSK. It is effective against critical targets such as buried hard targets, aircraft runways, bridges and dams. It can be used by the F-4E Phantom family and F-16 Fighting Falcon. It weighs 870 kilograms. It can penetrate 2.1 m thick reinforced concrete with a strength of 35 MPa. The Penetrator Bomb is dual stage. The follow through bomb penetrates the target through the hole created by the augmentation charge. PENETRATOR BOMB