206 A low cost air-to-surface weaponeering solution compatible with NATO 81mm mortars. The lightweight modular rack makes it possible to integrate to various small UAV platforms. Multiple ejection rack enables maximum efficient useability on mid-size uav platforms. Lethality is enhanced via its fragmentation ordnance. On-board fire control system allows fast trajectory calculations up to 100Hz and provides precision firing solutions for maximum accuracy. DTED based continuously computed footprint predictions ensure minimum collateral damage. TOGAN D eveloped by TUBITAK SAGE, produced by ASELSAN, Wing-Assisted Guidance Kit (KGK) is a wing-assisted GPS/INS guidance kit that converts existing unguided 1.000 lb MK-83 and 500 lb MK-82 general purpose bombs into long-range smart weapons. By KGK, the bombs have the capability of precision hit up to 10 m error from 100 km range, in all weather conditions. So, this provides aircraft to complete the mission safely without getting closer to threatening zones. WING-ASSISTED GUIDANCE KIT - KGK GUIDANCE KITS and SPECIAL MUNITIONS