19 T he ACV-19 is the general name for a class of 15-19 ton, modern, high- performance vehicles derived from the highly successful ACV. These vehicles have proven themselves with a number of armies worldwide. The differences between ACV-15 and ACV-19 consist primarily of a stretched hull (6 road wheels), heavy duty final drives, and more aggressive suspension. The ACV-19 offers more volume under armour, more payload capacity than ACV- 15. Consequently, the ACV-19 chassis can support heavier payloads such as larger turrets without compromising the mobility offered by ACV-15. The ACV-19 chassis is provided with a unique, space laminated armour system combining steel and aluminium technology to provide a high level of armour protection against direct KE threats and provides protection against mines. T he ACV AD Platform has increased power pack performance and an improved suspension capability compared to the ACV-15 and the ACV-19. Thanks to this feature, the vehicle has the capacity to carry greater payloads such as heavy air- defence platforms. The ACV AD Platform also provides ballistic and mine protection. The configuration of the vehicle can be changed to suit the operational requirements of the user. The ACV AD constitutes an ideal platform in terms of command-and-control, largescale mobile radar systems, artillery fire support, and pedestal mounted artillery and missile systems. The Platform was selected as an Air Defence System platform by the Turkish Armed Forces under the KORKUT and HISAR projects. The Weapon System Vehicle and Command-and-Control Vehicle configurations designed under the KORKUT Project are fully amphibious and have the capability of propelling themselves in deep and/or fast flowing water. ACV-19 ACV AD TRACKED ARMOURED VEHICLES