208 A SELSAN’s 35 mm Airburst Ammunition is a new generation ammo to increase the efficiency of the gun systems against air to surface missiles, UAVs, etc. When blasts, the programmable ammunition creates a cloud of particles which have high kinetic energy and penetration capability on the path of the threat and hits targets which are very difficult to kill with classic ammunition. ATOM 35 MM AIRBURST AMMUNITION A TOM 40 mm High Velocity Airburst Grenade developed by ASELSAN is a smart ammunition which is capable of being programmed to the exact time of detonation while leaving the barrel. Once fired, the time-programmable fuse starts to count down for detonation at the intended target point. Using a pre- fragmented shell which is optimized for the target set, high hit probability is ensured. ATOM 40 MM HIGH VELOCITY AIRBURST GRENADE HEAVY MUNITIONS and ROCKET SYSTEMS