214 M KE Gazi Cartridge Factory was founded in 1955 to meet small arms ammunition requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces and security organisations. The production started in 1957. The factory is capable of producing has the capability to produce all components starting from a primer to a complete round. The production process is in compliance with NATO and international standards. 7,65x17 mm, 9x17 mm, 9x19 mm Parabellum, 9x20 mm ammunition, which are the pistol cartridges still in production, have been praised internationally. 5,56x45 mm (SS 109, Polymer Type, Tracer, Blank); 7,62x51 mm (M80, M61, M62 Tracer, Blank); 7,62x39 mm (Steel Core); 7,62x63 mm (Blank) used in infantry rifles are offered to many armies. .30 calibre and .50 calibre cartridges for machine guns are manufactured. MKEK also exports 12.7x99 mm solid sniper and M8, M17, M33 and blanks. 20x102 mm and 20x110 mm ammunition produced in the ammunition factory can be found in “Ammunition”. MKE GAZİ SMALL ARMS AMMUNITION FACTORY AND PRODUCTS T he company located in Balıkesir produces 9.19mm Parabellum pistol cartridge. BPS BALIKESIR 9X19 MM PISTOL CARTRIDGE CARTRIDGES S terling is an ammunition manufacturer and is a brand of Turaç. It manufactures 9.19mm pistol cartridges. These include various types of Parabellum, subsonic and Luger cartridges at global standards. TURAÇ STERLING 9X19MM CARTRIDGE