217 M KEK meets the Turkish Army’s ammunition and charge requirements on a wide range and produces fuses and demolition blocks. The products of the company include AZDM 111 A2 (60 and 81 mm), anti-aircraft fuse (35 mm) and fuses for ammunition (105 mm through 203 mm). Demolition charges and demolition blocks are produced in accordance with requirements. MKEK also produces hand grenades, defence ammunition and howitzer ammunition propelling charges. MKE Pyrotechnics factory manufactures different types of detonators, cartridges and rocket igniters. MKE also produces military igniters, smoke ammunition, illumination ammunition, sound ammunition, buster, communication and countermeasure ammunition for the Turkish Armed Forces. In addition, different types of tear gas products and pyrotechnic ammunition for the Gendarme General Commandership and General Directorate of Security are also produced at MKE Pyrotechnics Factory. MKE FUSES AND DEMOLITION BLOCKS R OKETSAN has the capability of design, development, qualification, serial production and testing of mechanical, electromechanical and electronic fuses. As well as the programmable, delayed and super-quick (SQ) mechanical fuses for 107 mm and 122 mm rockets, the electromechanical fuses for proximity rockets (122 mm and 300 mm), Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Rockets, missiles launched from helicopter and anti-tank missiles (medium and long range) are developed. All ROKETSAN fuses are compatible with military standards like MIL-STD-331C and MIL-STD-1316E. We have different types of fuse systems listed as; 107 mm Rocket Fuse, 122 mm Rocket Fuse, 122 mm Proximity Rocket Fuse, 300 mm Rocket Fuse, 2.75’ CİRİT Missle Fuse, Anti-Submarine Electronic Time Fuse, Medium Range&Long Range Anti-Missile Fuse, T904 Mechanical Fuse for MK80 Series General Purpose Bombs, T905 Mechanical Fuse for MK80 Series General Purpose Bombs, 20 mm Ammo Fuse(M505 A3). FUSE SYSTEMS FUSES and DEMOLITION BLOCKS