236 U sing experience in air defence accumulated through the years, ASELSAN conducts modernisation activities on 35 mm towed Oerlikon guns, regarded as one of the main elements of Turkish Armed Forces’ ground-based air defence, for improved effectiveness to fulfil the technical and tactical requirements of the modern battlefield. T he GDF-003B twin-barrel anti-aircraft guns of the Turkish Armed Forces have been produced under licence by MKEK. The system has an effective range of 4,200 metres against air targets. The rate of fire is 550 rounds/min for each barrel. MKEK is responsible for licenced production and maintenance of this gun, which is still used by many countries. 35 MM TOWED GUN MODERNISATION 35 MM TWIN BARREL ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUN M KEK has been responsible for the production and maintenance of the Oerlikon 20 mm twin-barrel anti-aircraft gun GAI 011 used by the Turkish Army for years. The system can determine data such as target distance and speed using a fire computer. The GAI 001’s effective range is 1,200 metres against air targets and 2,000 metres against ground targets. 20 MM TWIN-BARREL ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUN & INFANTRY SUPPORT GUN GUNS and HOWITZERS