237 1 20 mm/55 calibre gun was designed as the main gun of Altay main battle tank developed for the Turkish Armed Forces. This gun is produced by MKEK. It can fire ammunition with a high muzzle velocity. It has a chrome-plated smoothbore barrel. Total barrel length is 6.6 metres. The gun weighs 1,324 kilograms. It is manufactured from special steel using state-of- the-art tools. The gun was tested in adverse weather conditions and proved to be successful. It will enter serial production once Altay enters production. T he Boran is an air transportable low-weight towed howitzer which was designed by MKEK for the Turkish Armed Forces to be used in internal security operations and to provide fire support for commando brigade and airborne operations. It has a 105 mm/30 Calibre barrel. The gun weighs 1,710 kilograms including the fire control system. It can be installed on the Sikorsky S-70 helicopters and various light vehicles. The barrel has an elevation angle of -3/+70 degrees and can fire 8 degrees to both sides. The Boran’s fire control system is supported by GPS and panoramic cannon binocular. It can be operated continuously for eight hours between -32°C and +44°C. The system can be deployed independently from classic deployment procedures. With long-range ammunition, it can be effective in a range of 17 km. ALTAY WEAPON SYSTEM BORAN AIR TRANSPORTABLE LIGHT TOWED HOWITZER T he main gun of the T-155, which was developed in light of experience obtained from previous modernisation projects, is produced by MKEK. The system can fire all NATO ammunition, mainly MKEK products MOD 274, MOD 281 TP, M107 and M101. It has a 155 mm/52 calibre monoblock barrel. The Fırtına can quickly change positions even in harsh field conditions thanks to its high power-to-weight ratio. The weapon system is produced from forged steel. It is autofrettaged to increase fatigue life. The barrel is produced from special steel and weighs 2,259 kilograms. Its muzzle brake has a special design which makes maximum recoil distance 800 millimetres. Thanks to its highly accurate barrel and advanced fire control system, the T-155 Fırtına can cause simultaneous impact with three rounds on the same target even in burst firing. FIRTINA SELF-PROPELLED HOWITZER GUNS and HOWITZERS