238 K ORKUT Air Defence Gun System is developed for the effective air defence of mechanized troops and mobile units. System has firing on the move capability with the stabilized and unmanned gun turret. KORKUT Gun System has capability of firing 35 mm Airburst Ammunition, which is also a product of ASELSAN, in addition to conventional type 35 mm ammunition. KORKUT Gun System together with 35 mm Airburst Ammunition highly improves the effectiveness of ground-based air defence against modern air threats including air-to-ground missiles, cruise missiles and UAVs. Equipped with a 35 mm stabilized gun turret for target tracking and firing on the move, KORKUT has a fire rate of 2 x 550 rpm. KORKUT M 68 T1 Tank Gun is a quick firing accurate gun. It was integrated into the M48 main battle tanks during their modernisation. The system has a vertical sliding breech and a rifled barrel. It uses fixed ammunition. The gun has an electrical firing mechanism. After each shot, a semi- automatic system opens the breech and empty case is thrown out. The M68 T1 provides a high performance with each ammunition it can use. M68 T1 TANK GUN GUNS and HOWITZERS