242 HIGH-TECHNOLOGY WEAPONS A s a result of the work carried out by the company since 2008 with own resources, Şahi 209 Electromagnetic Rail Gun is produced with 100% domestic design and manufactured with 95% domestic material. With an energy storage of 1 MegaJoule, Şahi 209 can launch rounds and ammunition at 12 mm to 28 mm diameter calibre at any time and under any weather condition. The system is mobile and can be deployed in a short time for the shot, and is powered independently by its own energy source. There is an electro- optic support unit, electro mechanic and pneumatic base and execution mechanism which provides the barrel stabilisation within the system. ŞAHİ 209 EMT L aser Defence System (LSS) is developed against mini and micro UAV threats up to 500 meters, camouflage systems at residential areas used by terrorists and IED and roadside suspected packages up to 200 meters. Priority usage is for ship platforms, power plants, airbases, border patrol stations, headquarters and convoy routes. A SELSAN has been carrying out an R&D Project on development of Electromagnetic Launcher (EML) successfully since 2014 so as to gain electromagnetic launch system technology. As a result of R&D activities, it is aimed to develop the product having specifications such as long-range weapon technology with high-power electromagnetic energy, low-cost mission effectiveness against current threats, multi-mission capability and high platform reliability thanks to no chemical explosives. LASER DEFENCE SYSTEM TUFAN