243 INFANTRY WEAPONS T his unique 40 mm grenade launcher has been designed and manufactured to be used with the new and old generation infantry rifles of the Turkish Military Forces comprising a Picatinny rail under the barrel. Light and ergonomic design for ease of use and transport, the design for right/left hand use (safety latch and double-sided loading) makes it remarkable. AK-40GL GRENADE LAUNCHER T he BA40 grenade launcher developed by ATA ARMS can be mounted on a rifle or used standalone. The trigger is double- action. It has a 228 mm barrel that swivels, which enables it to be fed from either right or left depending on the user. It is fitted with an ergonomic grip and manual safety button. With the stock, the gun is 530 mm long, 56 mm wide and weighs 1,300 grams (empty weight). It fires 40 mm ammunition. BA40 GRENADE LAUNCHER T he Bora-12 sniper rifle fires 7.62x51 mm NATO ammunition. Thanks to its rotating mechanism, the gun can fire single shots and has an accuracy of 0.3 MOA. The trigger force can be adjusted between 15 and 25 Newton. The magazine capacity is 10. The buttstock is configured depending on user requests. The gun is 1,265 mm long when the buttstock is fully extended. The barrel length is 660 mm. The gun’s effective range is 1,200 metres. It weighs 6,400 grams. JMK BORA-12