24 4X4 ARMOURED AMBULANCE AMAZON ARMA 6X6 WHEELED ARMOURED VEHICLES T he 4x4 Armoured Ambulance is custom-designed and equipped for transportation, first aid and transition of patients on high risk areas. Its wide internal volume enables performing outpatient operations. It has a seating capacity of 8 persons including one driver, two medical attendants and five patients. Armoured ambulances with high level of protection and 4x4 driving characteristics, produced for all kinds of roads and climatic conditions, providing full safety of the driver, health personnel and the patient. Katmerciler provides a wide selection of ballistic armouring and ambulance configurations that can be customised to suit specific requirements. A mazon stands out with its high level of protection against mines and IED, as well as ballistic protection, crew capacity of 7, and substantial manoeuvring capabilities. It is also equipped with an automatic fire extinguisher system, central tire-inflation system, run-flat, rear-view camera, and dimming and camouflage light features. A RMA is a new generation modular multi- wheeled vehicle with superior tactical and technical features. Thanks to its superior mobility, high mine and ballistic protection and wide range of weapon integration options, ARMA is capable to serve modern armies in the real battlefield, peacekeeping and human relief operations in most difficult terrain and climatic conditions. ARMA 6X6 is available in various types of configurations such as Personnel Carrier, Infantry Fighting Carrier, Command Post, Ambulance, CBRN reconnaissance, Driver Training and Reconnaissance with optional amphibious capability.