258 K aratay 612 Tactical is designed with patented foldable rim and handling function. It is used by many security units around the world. The gun has a 12 calibre 3” chamber and 47 cm barrel. The total length is 99.3 cm when the stock is folded and 74 cm when it is open. The gun weighs 3.05 kilograms. The 612 TAC Folding has a capacity of 6+1. It has a flash hider and an adjustable rear sight. 612 TAC FOLDING K aratay 612 TAC is a pump action shotgun. The gun has a 12 calibre 3” chamber and 47 cm barrel. It weighs 3.05 kilograms and it is 98 cm long. It is fitted with a Ghost ring sight, Picatinny, pistol grip stock and flash hider. 612 TAC BLACK SMOOTHBORE RIFLES T he gun is produced by ATA ARMS for the Turkish Armed Forces. It is 12 GA calibre. It is fitted with a 76mm – 3” chamber. It can be equipped with barrels from 37 cm to 47 cm. The magazine capacity is 5. The ATA PUMP ACTION SHOTGUN has a folding buttstock. It weighs 2.8 kilograms. ATA PUMP ACTION SHOTGUN A ltay AR 12 is suitable for many purposes due to its ergonomic frame and forend design. It can optionally be equipped with a flash hider and suppressor. It has a 12 calibre 3” chamber. The barrel length is 47 cm. The total length of the gun is 100-107 cm. It can be used with magazines with a capacity of 5 or 10. The gun weighs 4 kilograms in total. The height of its telescopic stock can be adjusted. ALTAY AR 12