264 BARRELED WEAPON SUBSYSTEMS A TMS Weapon Management System is a revolutionary self-contained mounted navigation, pointing and weapon management system for all weapon platforms such as Artillery and Mortar Weapon Platforms. ATMS enables rapid and accurate all types of weapon platforms deployment in all weather conditions both day and night. AAES TARGET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM A mmunition Flex Chutes are used in unmanned weapon systems to carry munitions from the ammunition box to the barrel and are today used mostly to feed remote-control weapon systems. The main features of the chutes are its flexible structure and its ability to circumvent different geometries between the ammunition box and the weapon system, allowing them to function under every possible scenario. It can be easily mounted on weapon systems, and the components used in the assembly have been designed and produced in such a way that they will not cause problems throughout the life cycle of the product. The Chute’s low frictional force, as one of the most critical parameters in weapon-feed systems, and its resistance to static/dynamic forces, have been verified in the thorough tests that it has been subjected to. AMMUNITION FLEX CHUTE FAMILY A utomatic cartridge packaging lines are the production lines developed for fully automatic packaging of small calibre cartridges such as 5.56 mm, 7.62 mm and 9 mm. AUTOMATIC CARTRIDGE PACKAGING LINES