268 COMMUNICATION AND COMBAT SUPPORT SYSTEMS After CyprusPeaceOperation, Turkey encounteredan arms embargo. So Turkish defence Industry took very important role in local production of command and communication needs of Turkish Army. Recently, Turkish Defence Industry become a global solution partner offering high-technology and cost-efficient solutions in compliance with NATO standards on command and communication systems. The industry, which has peaked with projects such as TASMUS, Software Defined Radios, Mission Critical Communication Systems and GENESIS, has a vast product portfolio including tactical field communication systems, radios, command control data systems and network centric warfare. In addition to these capabilities, the industry is also expanding its portfolio on cyber security, combat support software and intelligence systems. It also prepares against all possible threats that Turkey might come across in the field of cyber security in today’s combat arena. Cyber security solutions are also provided for allied countries. In addition to all these efforts, public and private sector have been supported to improve their production infrastructure and experience in this field.