292 COMMAND, CONTROL, INFORMATION SYSTEMS and NETWORK - CENTRICWARFARE T he ADVENT is a network-enabled, multi- functional, adaptable and expandable system compatible with modern warfare features, required for the new platforms to be built in the future and for modernisation projects. Development activities of the ADVENT system began with an agreement signed in 2010 between the Turkish Navy Research Centre Command (ARMERKOM) and HAVELSAN. The system will be used firstly on the TCG Kınalıada, the fourth MILGEM platform, and the landing platform dock, TCG Anadolu. The main technological innovations planned in the final product some of which already gained are, the development of an integration infrastructure that ensures integration of ADVENT information management tool that covers all of the integrated work processes necessary to execute strategic, tactical and operational functions, and its infrastructure contains a Resource Management System integrated to the command and control functionality and the System Management functions. In addition to the above, HvBS features a decision support system that provides the decision maker with selected and summarised supporting data over the functional sub-systems as well. Intended purpose of the HvBS is to automate a significant portion of functions of the Air Forces and serves all levels of the Air Forces organizations from operational level to the execution. The command and control solution in the HvBS has been developed using object-oriented methodology, Java, EJB and multi-layered and component-based architecture. H aving started to work on C2IS for the first time in 1997 when tasked by the Air Forces Command, HAVELSAN developed the Air Force Command and Control Information System (HvBS), which is one of the most prominent integrated command and control systems in the world, by 2007 and delivered the system in the same year. The Air Force Information System, HvBS, is a military enterprise AIR FORCE C2 INFORMATION SYSTEM (HvBS) sensor and weapon systems in an easy, fast and cost- effective method, joint use of subsystems across the Mission Group platforms and the capability of transition to Network-Enabled Warfare. While the system allows fully integrated use of next generation sensors and weapons, it will also be prepared against new warfare methods such as counter-asymmetric threats. Featuring fully integrated Link 11/16/22 capability, ADVENT will also support communication methods to emerge in future. In addition, ADVENT will be capable of performing advanced decision support functions like dynamic rule engine, track archive and doctrine management while using modern COTS technologies in the hardware of Combat Management System.