304 COMBAT SUPPORT SYSTEMS and SOFTWARES T he AeroTab Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) is a Portable Type B Electronic Flight Bag solution and provides paperless integration of Cockpit and OCC. Offering easy to use, intuitive interface for pilots, the system provides user friendly, standardised application for all aircraft types. AEROTAB W ithin AeroSuite product family, STM provides paperless integration of Cockpit, Cabin and OCC, AeroCharting™ - Aeronautical Charting Software Suite, AeroCabin™ - Cabin Crew Management System and AeroTab™ - Electronic Flight Bag Solution. AEROSUITE B ITES Geo3D is a network-based geographical intelligence system software framework integrating aerial and satellite imagery with geographical and remote sensing data. The architecture of Geo3D allows development of mission-specific applications, which enable generation of multi-layer, detailed maps from raw remote sensing imagery and sensor data. Service Oriented Architecture of Geo3D enables its used to store and manage a large number of imagery libraries. Geo3D enables creation of integrated maps by combining intelligence and geospatial data, and conventional geospatial data such as cultural features and 3B build models with other data sources. BITES GEO3D GIS SOFTWARE FRAMEWORK BITES