323 T he TAG102 – ROIP (RADIO-OVER-IP) gateway device converts the connected radios into Ethernet/IP data and transmits it to IP networks via IP ports. It provides the communication of satellite or ethernet networks with analogue radio connections and supplementary element for tactical field IP communication. In addition to radio communication capability it has also Analogue/IP network capacity for connecting 14 FXS subscribes. TAG 102 has ability to control all device parameters via SNMP and web and supports IPV4, IPV6. 4 channel analog radio interface can be connected to IP network over ethernet. It allows Push-to-talk signals to be transmitted over IP networks. The device is structured with the ability to connect to an analogue phone, a secure phone MILSEC-1A and secure / insecure fax machine. Interface of the device for control and monitoring enables to select the language mode Turkish or English. AG102/TAG102 GATEWAY and ROIP (RADIO) GATEWAY DEVICES COMMUNICATION and COMBAT SUPPORT SUBSYSTEMS T he CCIS-CI Project, which was initiated with the aim of ensuring the interoperability of information systems of the Turkish Land Forces in international and national environments especially in NATO, is still in use. Within the scope of the project, there are three main products of which versions are renewed according to the updated standards and requirements. These products, named as Land Forces Information Exchange Data Model (LFIEDM), Data Exchange Mechanism (DEM) and Server Middleware Software (SMS), provide an infrastructure not only for the Land Forces but also for the interoperability and integration purposes of the CCIS’s within the Turkish Armed Forces. The information sharing in CCIS-CI was developed in accordance with the standards set by NATO MIP (Multilateral Interoperability Program). CCIS-CI infrastructure, which is resistant to network interruption and has a high readiness distributed architecture, can operate at low bandwidths from strategic level to tactical level. The system, which tries to prevent erroneous emissions with controlled information sharing feature, can share near real-time information. CCIS-CI infrastructure is independent of database management system and operating system. CCIS-INFRASTRUCTURE (CI) PROJECT