32 20.000 LT. AIRCRAFT REFUELER TANKER 8X8 CONTAINER CARRIER VEHICLE 8X8 HEAVY TRUCK P roduced for the purpose of supply fuel to aircrafts located in Airports of Air Forces. Maximum loaded weight of the Mercedes-Benz Axor model chassis vehicle is 30 tons and equipped with 286 PS engine and 9 forward and 1 reverse gear box. The vehicle drive train is 6x4. Superstructure: Made from aluminium alloyed materials and has a tank with 4 pieces of jetties, 20.000 Lt active capacity and with bottom filling unit. Its pump capacity is 2500 L/ min. Its electrical equipment is manufactured in accordance with NFPA – 407 Standard. Command control cabinet has been manufactured by reducing weight by utilizing aluminum carcasses. H igh enduring 8X8 Seyit Container Carrier Vehicles, which have superior terrain capability and are suitable for multi-purpose use in order to ensure the continuous supply of logistics to the desired area, for the purpose of achieving uninterrupted logistic supply of the Turkish Armed Forces in the field of battle, are manufactured completely by local resources and are offered to the service of the Turkish Armed Forces. H igh enduring 8x8 Seyit Heavy Duty Trucks, which are able to meet the heavy load, high terrain and useful load carrying capacity requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces, are manufactured by using local resources and offered to the service of the Turkish Armed Forces. TACTICAL WHEELED VEHICLES