338 T he ARMADOR Mission Tracking System was developed within the scope of MTA (General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration)-TURKUAZ Seismic Research Vessel Project. The system provides users with the opportunity to monitor data of underwater research, rescue, exploration equipment and systems in an integrated environment apart from their own screens. ARMADOR MISSION TRACKING SYSTEM A STAR-US defines a product to do in-depth analysis easily and reach their desired results quickly for users who are expert in specific areas (finance, security, health, insurance, intelligence, etc.) but do not have technical knowledge about data analysis. ASTAR-US saves labor and time lost during manual analysis of data sources such as documents, images, reveals hidden links, provides preliminary detection of threat elements, can do analysis quickly and easily, independent of field experts IT and other intermediate echelons and links in data that are quite difficult to find manually can be discovered. Thanks to ASTAR-US, all the resources that are needed but difficult to reach (other unit, external, provincial, etc.) can be accessed on a single screen, preliminary detection and prevention of threat elements and criminal attempts can be realised and business processes accelerates. ASTAR-US INFORMATICS and SOFTWARE SYSTEMS