356 MARITIME RADARS C AFRAD Multi-Functional Phased Array Radar, combines indigenous design with latest technological advances including fully solid state transmit/receive modules, digital signal processing, pulse compression, multiple target tracking, electronic beam stabilisation along with advanced electronic counter-countermeasures. CAFRAD suite creates detailed long range recognised air picture with multitasking functionality. CAFRAD suite can be integrated into single mast structure with electronic warfare suite, navigation/LPI radars and active communications antennas or can be distributed along the ship superstructure. CAFRAD A LPER is a low probability of intercept (LPI) naval radar system for the detection of ​sea surface targets. Developed specifically for wartime navigation of military vessels, ALPER’s LPI characteristic is vital in detecting surrounding targets while not being detected by enemy vessels. ALPER’s design allows for integration with Warfare Management Systems and existing navigation radars on the vessel, and hence can be operated via a mutual console. Therefore, ALPER can conveniently be integrated on all types of vessels. ALPER V iolations targeting Turkish territorial waters and problems related with the recent refugee movements occupying the public agenda for a long time have been successfully overcome so far, thanks to strenuous efforts by the Turkish Coast Guard Command. In this context, HAVELSAN and the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries signed a contract on Coastal Surveillance Radar System (CSRS) in 2013. HAVELSAN acts as prime contractor for this stand-alone and integrated system with the existing systems. The aim is to improve the capabilities of the Coast Guard Command and to provide uninterrupted surveillance of the Aegean, Marmara and the Western Black Sea sections of the Turkish coasts using radar and electro- optical sensors. To be delivered in 2017, the system consists of one Operation Centre, four Identification and Monitoring Centres and a total of 11 Coastal Surveillance Stations to be erected in the Aegean, Marmara and the Western Black Sea. When in service, the CSRS will ensure seamless surveillance and information exchange capabilities necessary for complete and effective coverage in the sovereign territorial waters of Turkey as well as adjacent Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The benefits of the system will conduce to more effective fight against problems such as smuggling, illegal immigration, overfishing and sea pollution. COASTAL SURVEILLANCE RADAR SYSTEM (CSRS)