358 A ir Traffic Control Radar is the main radar system that is used for detecting and tracking all airborne targets around the airport. It includes a Preliminary Surveillance Radar (PSR) that operates in the S-Band and enables the operator to focus on the moving targets specifically with its Moving Target Indication feature and a Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) that enables tracking of the airplanes by IFF interrogation. HTRS M ILDAR is a fire control radar, operating in Ka-band to support fire control capability and navigational aid for the attack helicopters. MILDAR scans, detects, locates, and classifies multiple moving targets in all weather conditions. MILDAR, which is developed as a Fire Control Radar, is characterised by its small size, weight, and low power consumption (SWAP) property and qualified on T129 Attack Helicopter in the Turkish Army and will also manage weapon engagement for the RF guided missiles. With its 360° angular scanning span, it provides pilots with enhanced situational awareness and also increases the attack helicopters’ survivability and offensive power with weapon engagement for multiple targets in the battlefield. MILDAR also facilitates the pilots flights in low visibility and low altitude conditions with terrain profiling for the area over which the helicopter will navigate. T he KUŞRAD system, which was developed with the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ), is designed to operate uninterruptedly 24 hours a day with a coverage volume of a maximum 40 km range in horizontal axis. It can detect targets and classify them as “Bird”, “Flock of birds” and “Aircraft”. It provides operator(s) target data including target range, altitude, heading, route/ trajectory and velocity. The system can be used to track migratory bird movements in critical airspaces around civilian airports to evaluate their treat to safety, and can help in the planning of scheduled flights to reduce accident risk. HELICOPTER MILDAR FIRE CONTROL RADAR KUŞRAD AIRBORNE RADARS