361 A 200 family comprises light and compact night vision hand binoculars with powerful resolution capability. Being effective on medium range night sight, these night vision hand binoculars feature seven different models; A210, A230, A240, A240L, A260, A260L and A280L. These seven models offer five different objective options. A custom design by ASELSAN for helicopter pilots, A500 night vision system helps pilots perform their reconnaissance, surveillance, rescue and low flight missions under the moon and star light. Thus, improving movement abilities of the helicopters during mission, A500s have 2nd or 3rd generation intensifier tubes. E rgonomic, compact and lightweight, A341 and A361 night vision sight systems provide high performance in low light. It is appropriate to use without glasses for a person who might have an eyesight problem between 6 degrees of myopic and 2 degrees of hypermetropic by the help of dioptric tuning and has an option of article and ballistic tuning. A200 A500 A341/A361 D eveloped by ASELSAN with its own resources, the light, compact and resistant A100 offers night vision capability with high resolution image intensifier. The system provides a 40-degree Field- of-View. It can be used on hand, with a headband/ helmet adapter on head. A100 OPTICS, ELECTRO-OPTICS and LASERS