365 A SELFLIR-300T is a high performance electro-optical reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting system designed for fixed-wing and rotary-wing airborne platforms, including Unmanned Air Systems (UASs), helicopters and aircrafts. ASELFLIR300T consists of high-resolution infrared camera, laser range finder/designator (LRF/D), laser spot tracker, color day TV camera, spotter TV camera. ASELFLIR-300T D eveloped in the scope of the MİLGEM Combat System Project, ASELFLIR-300D is intended to fulfil fire control as well as reconnaissance and surveillance missions in surface platforms. The system is based on ASELFLIR- 300T, which was originally designed for air platforms, but later customised for use in marine platforms. Featuring an infrared camera of 1440x576 resolution, the system also has advanced image processing, multi-target tracking, infrared and TV cameras for simultaneous target tracking. A SELPOD, a high capacity targeting pod, was developed by ASELSAN on cutting-edge technology. It can be integrated directly into the aircraft’s mission computer, thus can be easily placed on the air platforms. The system is a reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting system with high- performance infrared camera, day-tv camera, laser designator, dual wavelength laser range finder, laser pointer and laser spot tracker. The sensor has advanced image processing capability. ASELFLIR-300D ASELPOD D eveloped particularly for rocket launchers by ASELSAN, ATAY has high resolution long wave IR sensor and dual field-of-view. ATAY can be used as weapon mounted or hand-held use. ATAY OPTICS, ELECTRO-OPTICS and LASERS