386 E SEN Wide Area Surveillance System (WAS) provides real time continuous surveillance capability over a city size area (~20km²). Through utilisation of this system, complete situational awareness is achieved whilst gathering more intelligence data. ESEN WAS, can be used on air platforms ranging from manned aircraft to Male class UAVs like ANKA and to small UAVs. The system is also used for persistent surveillance requirements on aerostats, tower mounted applications and tethered drones. WIDE AREA SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS W ith the WHD system, which is offered with the Mini TWS and Mini TWS-C systems optionally, the images from the Mini TWS and Mini TWS-C can be transferred to the WHD simultaneously and wirelessly in an area with a diameter of eight metres in eight different channels. It is especially useful in training or when used for spotter purposes for tracking and giving firing approval. WIRELESS HEAD-UP DISPLAY (WHD) T he Zebra is an IP-based camera which has a high performance. It has thermal and day vision features. It can easily be integrated into every computer network due to its Ethernet output feature. It can be used in all kinds of environments 24/7. It is highly reliable. ZEBRA T he YAMGOZ is a compact, high performance 360° situational awareness system, designed for Main Battle Tanks and other armoured vehicles. It provides close range situational awareness to armoured vehicles or tanks under severe weather and harsh battlefield conditions at day and night. YAMGOZ OPTICS, ELECTRO-OPTICS and LASERS