390 RADAR and SENSOR SUBSYSTEMS F EMSAN’s high efficiency electromechanical actuators have been designed to improve stiffness and positional accuracy of the moving platforms. Radar platforms are indispensable for defence industry with their capabilities of detecting, tracking and classifying targets in a short time. From motion control components to complete actuation systems, FEMSAN offers wide range of services for radar platforms. ACTUATOR FOR RADAR PLATFORMS M AST radars are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of transportable communications, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and broadcast systems. FEMSAN has the capabilities of designing and manufacturing customised actuators to provide lifting movement for such kind of telescopic radar applications. ACTUATOR FOR SURVEILLANCE RADAR I t is developed for 360-degree awareness for armoured military vehicles MBTs and APCs. ARMOCAMMILITARY CAMERA AND LCD DISPLAY CONTROL PANEL I t is a high performance power supply used on the Air Traffic Control Radar Antenna Systems (AN- MPN/14K and AN-MPN/14-ASRE) in Air Force. Output Voltage is +5VDC,+15VDC,+60VDC,+28VDC. BSU POWER SUPPLY (PGS-316450-02)