401 ELECTRONIC SUPPORT and MEASURE SYSTEMS B eing an easily-portable radar electronic support/ electronic intelligence system developed with high technology by ASELSAN, ARES-2LC/T features small dimensions and light weight. The system can be simply installed and fast deployed, and can operate in complex combat environment, where it is difficult for the vehicle to reach. T he system provides protection for platforms such as UAVs, drones, cruise missile systems that need to use GPS data to perform their missions against jamming and thus the flight performance of the carrier platform is not affected. T he ARES-2N, exclusively intended for naval platforms and offering extensive electronic support measure with 2-18 GHz operating frequency, is developed by ASELSAN. The system has capabilities of detection, identification, classification, tracking, direction finding, geolocation, audible warning, platform related parameters and emitter. parameters recording. T he ARES-2NCL, which is used in electronic support measure missions, has been designed specifically for attack boat (IPV) type light surface platforms. Offering the capabilities of detection, interception, classification and tracking of the radar signals, ARES-2NCL also has automatic identification capability. ANTI-JAMMING GPS ANTENNA SYSTEM ARES-2N ARES-2NCL ARES-2LC/T - COMPACT ESM