409 JAMMING SYSTEMS T he Drone Killer electromagnetic pulse gun applies high power electromagnetic warfare in 1.5 GHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequencies are beamed as a concentrated spot using directed RF antennas that maximise signal strength. Drones jammed by Drone Killer lose their connection with the remote control and enter a failsafe mode that requires them to ‘Return to Home’. Drone Killer also applies high intensity electromagnetic pulse attack against the drones GPS communication and severing it so that the return home function is disabled. The Drone that has been incapacitated is forced to land at that spot and turn of its motors enabling the capture and recovery of the drone. DRONE KILLER D ROKA is dedection and protection of the light UAV type air threats. The basic system provides a drone radar and day & thermal camera system on a pan-tilt for detection purpose. Optionally acoustic detection, spectrum analyses and other solutions also could be added to the platform. Depending on the usage, protection system can be configured as RF Jammers (400-6000 MHz), HEMP’s and High-power laser. T he GERGEDAN Portable RCIED Jammer System is designed to protect convoys, VIP vehicles in motion and static infrastructure (e.g. Entry Control Points, High Value Assets, Checkpoints, Facilities) against the utilisation of Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs), by jamming the communication between these devices and threats. GERGEDAN is a Software Defined Jammer utilising the technique called “DDS- based FPGA-controlled Swept Jamming”. Thanks to its built-in in-theatre-programming capability, GERGEDAN can be easily configured to serve customer’s tactical and operational needs, by connecting to a standard laptop computer. DROKA AIR DRONE, LIGHT UAV DETECTION AND PROTECTION SYSTEM GERGEDAN TRANSVARO