414 T he DFAS3 series switching units are key component for Direction Finding (DF) systems. DF systems are used to track and locate the source of any interfering signal. Basically, DFAS3 unit is an antenna switching unit used in DF systems. The DF antennas are connected to the unit and with an external control; the antennas are switched to receivers. The unit has calibration control capability in order to eliminate any deviations. DFAS3 ELECTRONIC - WARFARE SUBSYSTEMS T eknokar designed this edge coupled filter in order to suppress any unwanted signals laying in frequencies other than S-band. EDGE COUPLED FILTER T he EHOPES Project goal is to develop simulators of the Electronic Warfare Support Systems and Electronics Warfare Attack Systems used in Turkish Naval Command in terms of both hardware and software. In this context, the systems are Racal Cutlass B1 Electronic Warfare Support, Racal Scorpion Electronic Warfare Attack, DR-3000 Electronic Warfare Support, ELDES-21 Electronic Warfare Support, ARES-2 Series Electronic Warfare Support, Cutlass B1X Electronic Warfare Support, AN/SLQ-32 R17 / DDA Electronic Warfare Support. Project also includes installation of new electrical and local area network (LAN) infrastructures. EWOTS – ELECTRONIC WARFARE OPERATOR TRAINING SIMULATOR