40 980 WL-z ARMOURED LOADER ARMOURED AMPHIBIOUS ASSAULT BRIDGE 2 3,300 kg base machine is manufactured with armour and remote control at BR6 and BR7 protection levels. Its standard equipment includes run flat and fire extinguishing system. Cabin, engine, transmission, batteries and tanks are at the same level of protection. It is configured according to customer demands. T he AAAB System is a bridge and ferry system designed for the Turkish Armed Forces’ rapid and safe wet gap crossing capabilities. The advantages of the AAAB compared to similar systems are ballistic protected crew cabin and positive pressure NBC protection system. The AAAB has two water pump jets that provide high manoeuvrability on water operations. The system can operate in water currents up to 2.5 m/s. When each of the 12 AAAB systems is coupled together from ramp to ramp, it can form a 150 m bridge with a capacity of crossing to MLC100 W and MLC70 T vehicles. For specific missions numerous AAABs can be coupled together to cross wider distances. AAAB system is also fitted with a self-recovery winch, automatic fire suppression system, emergency anchor and easy fault detection with CAN-BUS system. ENGINEERING VEHICLES